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When an email pops into your inbox from a potential bride and she mentions that their wedding is UP inspired, you just have to drop everything you’re doing right then and answer it! If you don’t know this about me already, I am a total Disney lover. I grew up watching all the movies, singing all the songs and dreaming of one day going to the “most magical place on earth”! And now as a twenty something, I still love all things Disney and sing all the words to all the songs from time to time. But besides that, let’s just say that a smile never left my face during this entire engagement session! Troy and Megan knocked their UP theme out of the park and we had the perfect morning with the prettiest sunrise for their pictures!

Megan and I met for coffee a few months ago to talk over all the details for their wedding! From the moment we said hello for the first time outside of emails, I just knew that we were going to be friends! She has such a warm and welcoming personality! And the most genuine smile, ever! We talked about almost everything we could think of, especially Troy and their wedding next July! Getting to know her at that first consultation made me anticipate the day I would get to meet Troy at their engagement session even more! These two are so in love and it’s the cutest thing ever! They never stop laughing and smiling when they’re around each other and you can tell that they feel at home when they are together. It is a beautiful thing to witness!

Troy and Megan met “by chance” in high school when Megan was one of the lead actresses in Phantom of the Opera at her school and Troy had been recruited by a family member to play in the orchestra (he didn’t go to the same school). During the last rehearsal, Megan was super nervous and so to release that tension, she began making silly faces at a boy in the pit. Little did she know, that boy was Troy. After the rehearsal, he asked about her and they were officially introduced! And as Megan puts it: “they’ve been best friends ever since!”

If you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, just wait! Megan’s birthday was coming up and they had been dating for almost two years, so Troy decided that it was time to propose! And the best thing about it: he tied in how they met! He told Megan that he had planned a special birthday lunch for her with his parents and to be ready at a certain time. His mom would pick her up and he would meet them there. Little did she know, he was actually waiting for her at the end of a pathway of rose petals inside her high school where they met for the first time! She walked in to the sound of her favorite song being played on a guitar by Troy and saw him at the end of that pathway dressed up as the Phantom! As she reached him, the song ended and he got down on one knee to ask her for her hand in marriage! Like I told you before, it CAN get cuter!

If you haven’t noticed already, Troy and Megan are a special couple and I’m so excited to have the honor of documenting their UP inspired wedding day next July! But to help you hold off your excitement until then (or at least mine!), enjoy some of my absolute favorites from their adorable engagement session at Ault Park!

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