In an era of copy + paste solutions, carve out a brand rooted in your own strengths and vision — cause you can’t call it your brand if it’s based on anything else 

Oh HEY, I’M RACHAEL - Brand Photographer, Strategist, wannabe barista & well . . .

I sort of stumbled into owning a business, kind of like Elle Woods headed to Harvard, with a heart full of ideals and one goal in mind - except my goal was a life-by-design, not winning back jilted love.

Come to mention it, that’s also the funny thing about my relationship with photography. I wasn’t the born with a camera in my hand type who always knew this would be her destiny. More like born to be creative with an ever evolving medium. A camera just landed in my hands at the right time.

Pivoting to brand photography took much of the same turn.

Following a templated plan inspired by wedding industry heroes, my calendar quickly filled up with couples I loved while creating art I was proud of. But as I was busy photographing weddings and portraits, I became even more enthralled by branding and design.

Looking back, I realize much more clearly now that brand photography was always there. Between weddings, friends would ask for bartered brand photo swaps and I'd enthusiastically say yes, loving the work more each time.

So, at the end of 2020, my pivot to brand photography felt more like channeling my strengths, passion, and vision into a business that granted me the life-by-design I'd been seeking all along.

Building your brand won’t always be clear-cut and straightforward.

It will change, it will shift, and it will drastically evolve. Eventually, you'll reach a point where you need an external force to literally thrust you into that next phase of business. My role as a brand photographer is just that - while making your audience feel directly part of the evolution. 

And as a strategist and coach, I help you clearly define (and redefine) your brand as it shifts from one level to the next. 

In the end, both give you the rock-solid foundation you need to launch your vision, stick around for the long haul, and like Elle Woods, toss out the backup plans because you were always meant to go to Harvard live life by your own design.


words I live by

“Wherever you are, be all there”

These six words from Jim Elliot remind me that presence, not productivity, is the greatest measure of a life well lived. 

People are the best part of life

never settle for good enough

People are the heart of what I do, always have been. That’s why being with my people, fostering depth in relationships, and serving them well fuels me more than anything else.

For me, excellence isn’t about being the best — it’s about serving to the utmost, with a heart to improve for next time. 

She views photography as an art form for play and brings structure and order to what can feel like creative chaos. It's different and magical and impressive and albeit, an enigma"

"Rachael has an obsessive compulsion for excellence.



quick facts

Can’t Live Without

my people and Jesus


Capp + a touch of honey

now playing

Colony House, mainly


3-4 books at any given time

take my money

Everlane, Sezane

secret talent

quoting Tangled, verbatim

Current Obsession

my nephew and niece

favorite place

the South of Spain +
any National Park

fave activity

great conversations over good coffee

I'm here for the

Whatever your title and however you came to find me. I do know this - You’re a pioneer in your own right, my friend. With a business that’s garnered a darn good reputation *snaps*. 

I'm here to help make sure that your people are able to latch on to your vision alongside you. With a refined internal strategy and brand photos that give it life, you'll have a brand that reflects the uplevels in business you're shooting for and be getting noticed by the right people in no time a relative amount of time.