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Each time I get to photograph an engagement session, it lights my fire. Let me explain. I get to spend at least an hour and a half with one of my Rachael Leigh Couples. We laugh, we find out what we have in common, we share stories, we learn about our families, we become friends. And in the middle of all that, we still manage to create some killer portraits that they get to take home and keep forever. How could this not fire me up?

Luke and Jessie’s session at Carriage Hill was the best example of this. From the moment we stepped out of the car, it just felt right. See, I actually got to meet Jessie last year when she was a bridesmaid! Her and Luke weren’t engaged quite yet, but she pretty much told me that when they were, I’d be getting a call (or email)! And I did! I love it when I get to work with sweet gals like Jessie twice! Once while she’s celebrating a friend and then I get to celebrate her as a friend! It’s the best feeling!

Okay, now back to the session. I told Luke and Jessie a few times how perfect everything was and that we’d get to explore Carriage Hill a lot more than I usually do because the light was just right! So, we set off in search of the “good light” and ended up learning so much about each other! I think we laughed more than anything else! As we explored, Jessie and I discovered our mutual love for Jane Austen as we remarked the resemblance of the farmhouse to the Bennet’s home in Pride & Prejudice. When we spotted some huge horses (just wait til you see!), Jessie shared about her childhood and growing up on her aunt and uncle’s horse farm! You’ll see all these things as you scroll through this post and I want you to also know that the laughter and the joy you see, that’s genuine. And that has nothing to do with me. It is all them and that’s what I love the most.

When we met for the second time on our “coffee date”. *I say that in quotation marks because it was actually a FaceTime date where Luke and Jessie were at a coffee shop and I was at home. But we still count it as a “coffee date”.* Anyway, when we met again for that meeting and I got to hear the full story of their relationship from the both of them, it was so special! I always ask for the whole story of a couple when they first reach out to me because getting to know them as people and as a couple helps us to become friends. And I’ve found that when you’re friends with the person behind the camera, your trueness shines through.

Luke and Jessie met in college. They were both athletes, so naturally they ran in the same circle sometimes. They were in the same major and soon had a class together. The funny thing about that class was they were two of the three people in it. And as the semester went on, they got closer and closer. Eventually they started dating and have been together for six years!

Last fall, Luke decided it was time to propose. He had a casual evening planned and they visited one of their favorite restaurants. Before going in, Luke asked Jessie to go over to what he thought was a park for just a minute. Turns out, it was someones backyard! This realization just caused them to begin laughing and in the middle of it all, Luke dropped to one knee right there and asked Jessie to marry him. Jessie described it as just perfect because it was just them. And I can totally see that. She also shared this and I wanted to give you the direct quote. “We are each others best friends and have always known we were meant to be together and it was just a matter of time.”

I think I could go on and on about this session and these two! The more we were together, the more excited I grew thinking about their wedding in October! It will be on Jessie’s family’s farm and they will be surrounded by so many of their friends and family! It’s going to be THE BEST! Now that I’ve hyped you up for seeing all these images and this amazing couple, enjoy just a few of my favorites! (And make sure to see just how big those horses were!)


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