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It was so fun to get back into the swing of shooting with my couples this year! Winter can be super depressing when you’re a photographer because the cold temps prevent us from getting to freely go outside and shoot like we do in all the other seasons! Thankfully though, I’ve got some great Rachael Leigh Couples, like Chad & Brooke, who are willing to brave the cold and get up early to meet me for an early morning session in 20 degree weather! Y’all! The frost hadn’t even melted off the trees and grass yet! But despite the bare trees and frost covered ground, we managed to make some magic at Slate Run Park in Columbus, Ohio at sunrise!

Before we get to the rest of these photos, I need to just take a second and tell ya a little about these two! Chad & Brooke met through some mutual friends and they really thank Instagram for the true beginning of their relationship. We joked during their session about the fact that he slid into her DM’s, so thanks Instagram! And after a whole lot of hinting from Brooke about Chad proposing, he cooked up a plan to really surprise her! It was November and he’d been away for about a week hunting and didn’t have any cell service. So, the plan was that Brooke’s sister’s would plan a surprise photo session as a Christmas gift for their mom on their family’s property! They all headed out to the woods to take the photos and as Brooke walked through the trails she heard music playing and soon found Chad waiting for her with flowers and ready to ask her to marry him!

Their March wedding is coming up real quick and I just can’t wait to celebrate with them! If their engagement session gave us any sort of idea of what their wedding will be like, well it’s going to be great! And so fun! So! Enjoy scrolling through a few of my favorites from their engagement session and in just a few short months, you’ll get to see them again! But as husband & wife!!

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