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This wedding day was thirteen years in the making! Brandon and Kalyn’s relationship began in middle school and on Saturday, the 17th, they officially became husband and wife! It was most special celebration of their families, their relationship and all those that helped them get to this point!

When Kalyn and I sat down over coffee earlier this year, she began to dish out all the details of their wedding day! She described how they wanted to not just make the day about the two of them, but also celebrate their families and make it fun for them. So, they decided to forego a traditional wedding party and include just their fam! Kalyn’s grandma was the flower girl, Brandon’s uncle officiated and then all their siblings walked down the aisle as the “wedding party”. It was such a fun way to honor all those who have been with them since the start of their relationship!

Along with making extra space in their day to honor their fam, Brandon and Kalyn made sure to create space in their timeline to specifically capture the reactions of those they love. Kalyn scheduled in time to share a first look with both her mom and mother-in-law, her dad and her sisters! Then Brandon shared a first look with his mom! These moments were some of my favorites to capture all day because the excitement and emotions of each were so genuine and special! You’ll see all of these represented as you continue to scroll through their blog post! You’ll see that Kalyn’s doesn’t have a “getting into her dress moment” per say, because I actually helped her zip her dress and then she walked down the hallway to show her mom and mother-in-law! We did stage a few of her mom zipping up her dress and adding the veil to give them a few to represent that moment, but sharing the first look gave them that collective “this is happening” moment and excitement!

All in all, throughout the entire wedding, you could see the selfless love that these two embody just woven throughout the day! We celebrated the thirteen years leading up to that moment and also the fact that they now share the same last name as husband and wife!

Brandon and Kalyn! Thanks for making it so easy to celebrate both of you! And for letting me be the one to walk through this season with you! I’m beyond excited for you both! Enjoy seeing a few of my favorites from your day!

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