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A lifestyle brand photo session with this husband and wife photography team in an all white, natural light studio! Mercy! What a way to spend an afternoon! Brand sessions are beginning to fill up my calendar for this winter and I’m not mad about it! I’ve come to realize that, along with weddings, I love helping brands hone in their “signature look” by creating intentional imagery that tells their brand’s story! For Amber and Stephen, that meant telling the story of their husband and wife partnership as wedding photographers and business owners!

I met these two during the Katelyn James Live Event in December! We sat at the same table and in the midst of the short session breaks, we chatted about what our businesses look like and some things we’ve been dreaming of! For them, it was becoming a full-time husband and wife photo team! They already do a every wedding alongside one another, but they’re just waiting for the moment when they can be free of other work commitments and chase this dream fully together! Amber and I were chatting about how they talk about their partnership online and the biggest obstacle for her was not having many professional photos of them together! Not to mention ones that show them working alongside one another! Well! It didn’t take long for us to begin brainstorming this session and when we both returned to Ohio, we cooked up the perfect way to get them all the images they’d need!

We met at a newer studio spot in Cincinnati, Ohio called Locust & Vine and let me just say, it’s total photographer goals! An all white space with an ample amount of windows! Goodness! What’s not to love! We tackled the shot list these two had come up with and were able to get through three outfits plus some photos with their pup before our time was up! I loved getting the chance to come alongside Amber to create a gallery full of images that fit the vision of her brand plus give her so many photos to begin talking about their husband and wife team online!

Enjoy viewing some of my favorites! And! If you are a business or brand that needs some photos like these for yourself, you should pop over to my contact page! Let me come alongside you and tell your brand story through intentional imagery!

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