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God and his goodness are written all over this wedding story and there are two main reasons why: 1. there was a high chance of rain on their day, but Megan faithfully prepared for it. She thought to buy clear umbrellas, had a rain plan for portraits and kept me updated on it all! When the day rolled around though, it only rained for about 40 minutes and it happened during the indoor ceremony! We were praising the Lord for that! 2. A massive storm just ripped through Celina (where this wedding was) last night. A tornado damaged a lot of the town. It’s a huge tragedy that occurred in the light of this celebration on Saturday! And we’re praising the Lord today because he kept the storm back and allowed Andy and Megan’s wedding to go without a hitch! He showed himself true on Saturday in small ways and in the midst of the chaos last night!

Now that I’ve thanked the Lord, I’ve been so excited for the day that I could write this blog post! It’s been about TWO YEARS in the making! So, let’s start from the beginning! Megan is actually the sister-in-law of my high school art teacher! And my art teacher and her family were my first photo session! So when Megan’s email came into my inbox, it was pretty hard for me to curb my excitement! She was bubbling with excitement and dished out all the little details of her relationship with Andy, especially how he proposed! (which that story can be found here!) I could see her express that same excitement on Saturday, except this time I think it had increased! See, these two have been a long distance couple for a lot of their relationship! And when they became a #rachaelleighcouple two years ago, they had sought out and found a lot of their other vendors, too! The anticipation for their wedding had been building since then and on Saturday, that day had finally come and to watch that celebration take place was so special!

Okay, so there’s one thing y’all have to know that perfectly describes the relationship that Andy and Megan have! Andy put together a bunch of little gifts to give to Megan throughout the morning of their wedding. Most of them were packages of candy with a cute message on them that had to do with the name! Think a bag of Reese’s pieces that said “I love you to pieces”! There were so many little things just like that that showed the giddy and genuine love these two have for one another! They not only love each other, but they love people! And you can tell the impact that their love has on those people! You could hear it in the speeches given at the reception, in the excitement of the bridal party as they surrounded them and in the way people celebrated them! It was all so special!

One last thing I need to share before this novel of a blog post can come to an end. Megan mentioned to me when we were planning for their day that she would like some pictures on a stairwell at the church. She climbed those stairs many times to sing or play piano for mass and in those many times, she dreamed of having her picture taken there on her wedding day! As we were making those photos happen, Megan’s niece Cora was standing by the rail at the top of the stairs watching her aunt. Once Megan was finished with her photos, I saw Cora go down the stairs and look at the window and smile just like her aunt had just done. Watching her and knowing that special relationship between the two of them made me smile! I could see just how much Megan loved being an aunt and how incorporating her family into their day was important!

Surprise, surprise! This was another novel of a post! But I have to day, choosing just a few favorites from this day was so hard! So as you scroll through, you’ll see why I struggled so much! To Andy and Megan, thank y’all so much for taking me on this journey with you! It was such an honor to celebrate with you and document your day! Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs.! I can’t wait to watch what the Lord is going to do with the two of you!


I loved having those florals to play with for details!! They added so much!
Megan! You are gorgeous!! LOVE this one! Megan’s first look with her dad definitely brought the tears! It was so special! So many favorites from my time with these gals! This! They read letters to one another before the ceremony! It was so sweet! The stairwell! Megan, girl! You are stunning! Love this one!! Oh! Another favorite! This car was restored by Andy’s grandpa and it’s a tradition for his family members to ride in it on their wedding day! Their best friends sang their first dance song! We snuck out for some sunset portraits after the reception events! I love doing these when the weather is right! That romantic, glowy light is gorgeous! We made sure to get an “epic” portrait because we all loved the ones from their engagement session! Andy showed off his firefighter strength for this shot! It’s for sure one of my top ten for the day! And this one is just adorable!! Had to snag a picture with my fave art teacher who helped me get this whole thing started!! So glad to be able to call y’all friends!

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