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This blog post could be pages long because that’s how much I love these two! Andy and Megan are about as genuine as they come! They make you feel like you’ve been friends forever, even if you had only met five minutes before! Megan first reached out to me last fall for their 2019 wedding! I had to confirm the date on her email because at that point I was mostly booking weddings for this year! We quickly knew that we would be fast friends and we’ve just followed each other on social media ever since then! So, when we got to meet in person for the first time, it felt more like a reunion of long lost friends! I loved every minute!

Andy and Megan have known each other since middle school, but that’s not when they started dating. That part of their relationship wasn’t kindled until around senior year of high school. They were both going to prom. Just not with each other. And they soon figured out that their dates liked each other. So, in trying to set their dates up with one another, their friendship was rekindled. They may not have ended up going to prom together, but soon after graduation, Andy asked Megan to be his girlfriend.

They had a photo session planned with one of their friends for months. And during it, the photographer strategically placed Megan so she’d be in front of Andy for a few pictures. When she turned around and looked, he was down on one knee to ask her to marry him! And her favorite part is that everything is captured on camera so they can remember it forever!

There are so many things I could say about these two, their session and their love for the Lord! They love each other so well and it’s evident from the moment you meet them! They also love people well. Megan is in her last year of nursing school and will graduate right before their wedding! And Andy is a firefighter and paramedic! We got to go and visit his fire station and take a few pictures with a truck and his gear! I love photographing portraits of couples, but even more, I love photographing portraits of couples in places and with things that tell the deeper story of their relationship. And being able to do that for Andy and Megan was such an honor!

You’ll see so many beautiful images as you scroll through this blog post! And I’m proud of every one of them! (Especially the “epic” ones!) But, what I love even more about these are the people in them and the friendship that we already have! I hope that as you look at them, you’ll be able to see that same genuine and infectious love that I saw when I captured them!

Awe! I love Megan’s laugh! My favorite of the “epic” shots! The light in this one! THIS ONE! So pretty!

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