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This Terrace Park Country Club wedding in Cincinnati exuded class in every form of the word! But it wasn’t the classiness that Trent and Sarah’s guests will remember, it’s the way that Sarah’s parents stood and welcomed each guest and toasted the newlyweds! It’s the tear-filled first look Sarah shared with her dad where they stood and reminisced over their years of horse show filled weekends, just the two of them. It’s the hand-written vows they shared privately. It’s the laughter that could be hear throughout the getting ready room and as Sarah’s grandma fluffed her veil. It’s all these moments that will echo in the minds of Trent and Sarah and their family. Among the pretty details, the beautiful portraits and the hustle and bustle of the day, these are the little moments that radiate the true meaning of that day. To celebrate a new marriage and to honor the family and friends who have stood alongside them on the journey so far.

In true Rachael fashion, I could write a book instead of a blog post to tell you about this wedding day! I’m an observer at heart so the little things always stand out to me! And a wedding day is always filled with so many little things that my brain automatically files away for me to think on later! So, wedding day blog posts are always filled with all those observations! Like the number of times that Jane, Sarah’s mom, held back tears as she admired her daughter and fastened the buttons on the dress. Or how during the first look Sarah shared with her dad I just smiled behind my camera as he shared how proud he was of her. You can see the captured emotions of each of these moments below. And that’s my favorite thing about photos. They take a feeling that happens in a single moment and then they let us revisit them forever in our minds. All we have to do is look for a second and it’s like we’ve traveled back in time in our mind. It’s like a real life time machine and that’s what keeps me going as a photographer. To know that I’m creating an opportunity for my couples to jump back in time and remember exactly how they felt on their wedding day and to be able to tangibly share those feelings and memories with others.

Aside from all those little things, I need to share about Trent and Sarah! Y’all! These two are so good for one another and that was affirmed by their friends as the toasts were shared at the reception and throughout the day in the congratulations given! This wedding was four years in the making, and as Trent jokes, if it had gone Sarah’s way, they would have been married a long time ago! I knew that when we met over coffee in January and Sarah had so many things planned already, but the kicker was, they weren’t technically engaged yet! Trent had given Sarah the go-ahead to plan all the things, with the promise that he would propose in his own time! (you can read their proposal story here!) I’ve loved getting to know these two throughout their wedding experience! And especially at their engagement session at Union Terminal!

Alright! I think I’ve kept you reading for long enough! Though there’s probably a whole lot more I could share about this wedding! So enjoy my favorites and be on the lookout for all those little moments I mentioned before! If you slow your scroll for just a minute, I promise you can just hear the laughter radiating and can imagine the sweet words behind the tears. To Trent and Sarah, thank you for letting me walk alongside you during this season! Y’all are so wonderful and made us feel so welcomed on your wedding day! Thank you for the opportunity to document these things, I hope you will use them as your time machine to travel right back to your wedding day! Congratulations again, friends!!


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