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When I met Trent and Sarah for the first time, we talked for over two hours. No joke. We sat in my favorite coffee shop, Triple Moon, with an iced latte in hand and got to know one another so well! I can still see the excitement on Sarah’s face as she dished out all the details of her wedding and Trent listened to her intently. I think one of the best parts (and most comical) was listening to them tell their whole story and then ending with the phrase, “we’re actually not engaged yet…”. That’s what I also received in Sarah’s first email! Now, let me just say, I typically will tell a bride without an official ring to wait just a minute before booking me because everything isn’t “official” yet! Right? But with Sarah, things were a bit different!

They knew they were going to get married. And they knew it’d be this year, Trent just hadn’t proposed yet. But he did give her the go ahead to begin planning it all. Sarah is a type A kind of gal and she remarked multiple times that she loves her relationship with Trent because they truly are opposites. In every area she isn’t, he is. And vice versa. They bring balance to one another and it’s because of this (and I’m sure many more reasons!) that Sarah knew from day one that she’d marry him.

We left our meeting at Triple Moon that night and I hinted to Trent that I couldn’t wait to hear how he proposed! He said, don’t expect anything too extravagant! I didn’t have to wait too long! About a week later, I got an excited text from Sarah announcing that Trent had proposed to her that afternoon! She sent a picture of her ring and a text with all to the details! She explained that her and her mom were on a typical girls day, shopping and manicures, and upon their arrival at her parent’s home she found a bouquet of roses and a card. Her mom attempted to excuse herself for a minute, but when Sarah went on past the card to lay her load of bags down, her mom persisted that she open the card and read it right then! It instructed her to enter the living room where she found Trent waiting for her and her brother and dad in the corner ready to capture the entire thing!

Now we get to talk about this gorgeous session that took place on Monday! And y’all! Let me say, these two were the best! Trent chose our first location and it was a dream! I’ve eyed Union Terminal quite a few times from the interstate and to finally be able to shoot there, I was just excited! It’s such a classic and historical building with amazing architecture and that stone is beautiful! Sarah nailed their outfits! They fit so well with the location and just the vibe I pictured for both of them! The other thing that made this session amazing was just their willingness to trust me completely! I’d ask if something was okay and Sarah constantly said, “we’ll do whatever! We trust you!” And that means so much! There are so many other things I could say about this couple and their session and I’m so glad to call them friends! And to have the honor of photographing their wedding day at Terrace Park Country Club in August!

Enjoy just a few of my favorites from Trent and Sarah’s engagement session at Union Terminal and under the blossoms at Eden Park! Oh! And shoutout to my dear friend, Marci of Revival Hair & Co., for rocking Sarah’s hair and makeup for this session! I love when I get to work with vendor friends for both weddings and engagements!

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