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What a year! Putting together this blog post is always eye opening because it forces me to look back on all that I was able to create. I absolutely love this craft I get to be apart of. Walking alongside couples as they journey toward and through their wedding day is something that I never want to take for granted! This year, I got to do that with fourteen wonderful couples! If you would have told twelve year old Rachael in 2009 that when 2019 rolled around she’d be a photographer that was able to create work like this, I honestly think she’d have thought you were crazy! Photography wasn’t even on my horizon! Not even a thought! And it wouldn’t be for about five years! It’s crazy to think of how the Lord changed and shifted things in my life over the last three years! I’m in awe of his goodness and beyond thankful for the people he has allowed me to serve in this craft!

This wedding season was kind of a strange one because I photographed six of the fourteen weddings in just one month! Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have chosen that exact schedule, but I will say that I wouldn’t trade any of those weddings for anything in the world! The next crazier leg of the season came around October! It seems like May and October are the new equivalent to summer!

This year was also one of the hardest I’ve lived to date. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you may remember that my grandpa passed away earlier this year. It happened to take place close to the end of that crazy month of weddings. It really took the wind out of me, but I grew increasingly more thankful for this job because it allowed me to be fully present with my family in the midst of grief. I’m also forever grateful for my couples who walked with understanding when their galleries and blog posts took a little longer than usual to arrive. And who sent me cards and sweet messages! I truly get to work with the best people!

I don’t say this often, but I’m pretty proud of the images that came from 2019! I’ve created some of my best and favorite work to date this year and I love seeing just how much things have changed since my first official wedding season in 2017! I’m excited to share with you some of my best wedding images in 2019! Thanks for following along this journey with me! Enjoy!

I got the chance to photograph a wedding at Pinecroft (a dream venue!) this year alongside a photographer friend! For sure a favorite!
This classic bridal portrait! Gorgeous!


The best way to end this post is by revealing some of my absolute favorites! They may not be perfectly composed or in the best light, but the photos I get to take with each Rachael Leigh Couple at the end of their wedding day make my heart so happy! I love y’all!

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