The Brand Plan

Trade your brand identity crisis for rock-solid clarity and a marketing plan built from that brand.

A 6-week group coaching-meets-course framework designed to unearth a brand that informs everything you do in business, especially marketing.

rachael leigh presents

Oh, I totally fired up this business to be invisible and unoriginal with a super basic brand

^^ Said no creative. EVER

You know all the IG carousels and freebies declaring the solution to being invisible is by speaking from your voice, owning your differences, and not *only* sharing your undying love for coffee? 

"✓ my brand identity crisis is now entirely resolved - NOT"

The glaring problem here - Those statements tend to give you one-third of the REAL solution while making you painfully aware of what you lack.

It’s like every resource you’ve scoured to help you remedy feeling entirely lost leaves you with even more questions, morphing you into a dog chasing after her own tail

- “Okay, but like HOW do I find my voice?”
- “Is there a secret sauce for knowing your differences and everyone has it except me?”
- “I’ve got to be missing something, I just haven’t paid enough for the right answers”
- “And WHAT else other than my caffeine addiction inclination and kiddos [or dog] do I share to make my brand personal?”

So, the spin cycle resumes.

Dizzily creating content to keep up with that monstrous algorithm.
Crossing your fingers that the right clients find your work, love it, & book you.

And bidding adieu to precious hours of your time to promote a brand you didn’t feel 100% comfortable wearing in the first place. 

*throws arms in the air* - there must be more than this provincial life!

*resurfaces from mining the explore page*

- rachael leigh

"Defining your brand is more a work of excavation than invention."

Stats show that 82% of consumers want to buy from brands whose values align with their own. Meaning the things that matter most to you, likely matter to your ideal clients, too.

88% of consumers hinge their support on authenticity.
So, any work you do to have marketing strategies that originate in your brand vision, values and strengths will only create more of the true authenticity that everyone in this copy/paste and ai generation is craving.

All the stats aside.

Friend, you carry unique strengths and perspectives inside you. You operate from your own values, worldviews, and vision on a 24/7, 365 basis without consciously thinking about it.

Which according to the stats - is the perfect mixture for a brand that draws in the people who will both fill your quotas and your cup in the process.

Everything you need to build a thriving brand is already inside of you

here's the thing they don't tell you

Blank screen, blinking cursor, and still not knowing what content to write. Doom-scrolling expert tips? Already tried that.

Burnt out from consistently creating content that gets 0 engagement & lost in the void

Your brand? It feels like wearing low-rise jeans. Comfortable, pssh. Confidence, you kidding. Heck, is it even making me look good?

Crash-tested all the hottest trends only to realize that doing the next big thing keeps you on a hamster wheel of pleasing people who don't even buy from you

sound familiar?

the brand plan


This 6-week program meshes course-work with group coaching to take your brand out of the four corners of your mind & into a tangible identity you can put on and carry throughout your business. 

That brand breeds the foundation for a marketing plan crafted from your strengths and perspective to draw in the clients you adore working with - all while staying off the hustle hamster wheel.



- 2 Cohort Zoom Calls (+ bonus send off!)
- One 1-1 Call with Rachael
- Voxer Office Hours
+ Voxer Group for Masterminding and Community
- 2 Educational Companion Guides
- In-depth Brand Questionnaire
- Marketing Workbook
30 Day Action Guide


okay coach, gimme the specs



"It’s made me a more confident and a more relaxed business owner since I completely understand who I am, how I can serve others, and where I want to go from here. I feel like I’m done having to hustle to figure it all out."

Lisa Kathan, 2022 TBP Alum
Brand & Tiny Wedding Photographer

case study >>

I get it.

Courses can feel like someone handing you a solution & saying “aight, now go it alone”. And that works for the first few years and problems you face in biz and when refining your craft.

Now that you're more established, you've finally got the brain space to pay attention to all those burning, existential questions:

"What makes me uniquely qualified to do/offer this?"
"How do I actually make this all sustainable longterm?
"But. Who would I be if I pivoted from being [xyz]?"

So, instead of TBP being a course. It's more like a map for your journey.

not another course, rach. I've already spent thousandsss on those 💸

there's a lot of racket in this industry, so if your thoughts are auto-playin somethin like

“Everyone I know has a purpose that's like so inspiring.
And a journal full of the deepest desires of their ideal client.
And their differentiators? - So clear.

And me? I've still just got, coffee. Like, what am I missing here?"

*pauses tape* - You just tuned into a direct line from my brain about three years ago. [Okay, not really. A recording of imposter syndrome-induced thoughts would be mildly terrifying.]

The thing I didn't know then that I do now is that I was looking for my brand in all the wrong places. 

It wasn't until I paused, picked up a shovel, and dug down that I began gaining ground on the type of understanding it took to put words to the things that now make up my brand and provide clarity for my marketing strategy.

And in TBP, I'll walk you through the same series of strategies and tough questions I answered to get to where I am now - but hold the side of crisis and save you a few years.

This type of digging is the first step toward a brand [and therein marketing tactics] built to outlast the fads and become fertile ground for you to grow your biz on now and for years to come.

I'm Rachael & I've had my own existential-brand-crisis

put my name on that list

meet your brand plan guide

  here's the full schedule                    

here's the full schedule


weeks one & two

brand identity

Access to Brand WORKBOOK & Companion Guide


Call One is all about further refining your brand identity. + Kathy will be joining us for a bonus Messaging and Voice Q&A session.

Video trainings + workbook and companion guide that'll allow you to see the form of your brand where before there was just a muddy lump of clay.

cohort call + bonus Q&A

01. messaging: Cultivate a Memorable Brand Story

All about how-to write your own brand story so that you leave with refined  brand messaging and something to cmnd+v right to your about page.

In this training, Kathy dives into the specifics for identifying and refining your brand's voice so all your words feel like your clients are chatting with an old friend.

02. Craft a Brand Voice Your Audience Will Cozy Up To

weeks three & four

marketing Strategy

COURSE Access to marketing WORKBOOK & Companion Guide

Call Two is more tactical. Further refining your marketing strategies + Q&A about specific tactics and platforms. It's gonna be meaty.

This module guides you through how to set-up a marketing system informed by your new brand that works in harmony with your strengths & audience preference.

cohort call 

+ bonus editorial calendar template

This Google sheets template is the one I use to plan out and organize my own content as well as one I've customized for freelance marketing clients.

weeks five & six

pull it all together


This final call will be our last hoorah as a group to affirm how far you've come & where you're headed next. 🎉


+ YOUR BRAND PLAN fillable template

A Canva template to house your completed brand & marketing strategies (+ a Google Doc version)


Together we'll connect any remaining dots and put the final touches on the content for your Brand Plan.

case study

"It’s affected the way I show up as a team lead, for clients, and even on a personal level as a mom and a wife, because it really forced me to think about the things that really matter."

Read The rest of Amber's Story

"She brings structure and order to what can feel like creative chaos. It's different, magical,  impressive and albeit, an enigma."

Kathy Young,
Rekindle Communications

"She had a genuine enthusiasm and for what I'm trying to create and I felt like she was another person on my team."

Rachael Adams,
Olympian & Mentor

I keep a copy of my Brand Plan workbook with me pretty much everywhere I go and it just helps me to think through decisions that I have to make in the business to make sure that I’m making them from a place that resonates with the business and with the clients that I work with and the clients that I’m trying to reach.

^^ Choosing from that list? Feels like selecting a meal off a novel-length menu that has too many options - anxiety-ridden and overwhelming. Like waiter, why does sharing about my business have to be this mind-boggling?

It starts with unearthing your foundation of vision, purpose, strengths, and values.

Then defining who your target audience really is by skipping the bland idc profiles and digging into how your value systems intersect, what parts of your why become the mantra they’ll also take up, and more that allow you to generate a brand that feels personal to you and them.

Once that's set, we’ll dive into what a sustainable marketing strategy actually looks like. Think trading hustle and trend-focused tactics for sustainable rhythms that account for your life, strengths, and audience preference.

These rhythms are designed to ebb and flow with time, the main goal being a benchmark to achieve rather than a hard fast goal to fail or succeed at.

So, TBP acts as a permission slip, granting you the means & time to make your brand tangible

& use that to confidently craft an entire marketing plan

*joins waitlist*

The amount of places & ways to market your business effectively online is endless

An understanding of your business's purpose (why) & HOW that influences your marketing and, really, your entire biz

Knowing WHAT makes your business different & HOW to articulate that to attract the type of clients you enjoy working with

A new approach to marketing that plays to your unique strength makeup & only includes the trends that make sense for you to leverage

An actual marketing system to implement in your business right away, empowering you to show up consistently & authentically

Confidence in knowing your brand's story & how to invite others to be a part of it

YOUR Brand Plan - a document that details out your Brand Identity  + your customized approach to Marketing that is directly influenced by your brand


you'll walk away with: