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They met years ago. Apart of the same youth group they knew each other, but the friendship didn’t go past seeing one another there. At least that was until most of their other friends went off to college, leaving them as the few left home. The change kindled a true friendship. A growing friendship that would turn into romance. Which brings us to today.

Gavin whisked Audrey on a winter wonderland first date at Fountain Square under the stars and on the ice. About sixteen months later, in the same place, he stooped down onto one knee and popped the question that would change the rest of their lives. She said yes of course and the excitement from that moment remained until she walked arrived home and walked into another surprise. Gavin had planned an engagement celebration with their families.

From the moment that I opened the first email from Audrey and read through their captivating story, I knew that we were going to click. Their Hyde Park and Ault Park engagement session last week proved my initial assumption to be true. We started out the evening in front of a fountain to incorporate a touch of when he proposed and then strolled around Hyde Park and soaked up the spring sunshine. But the real magic happened just a short drive from there and on the steps of the gorgeous, stone building at Aunt Park! It looked like we had stepped right out of the pages of a storybook. Or a set of stairs right out of French Countryside! (I still look at some of the images and ask myself, did I really take that? Did that really happen?)

Aside from all of the pretty photo talk that I could talk your ear off with, Gavin and Audrey were the true showstoppers. Their beautiful love for one another is unique to them and only them. I think that’s why I love engagement sessions so much. No couple is the same. No session is the same. Each is genuine because each couple is genuinely different. You meet Gavin and Audrey for the first time and after a little while it’s seems like you’ve known them forever. They have such a welcoming spirit and radiate the love of Jesus through their actions and the way they love one another. And that’s a gift that will bless so many people in their lives.

Gavin and Audrey, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful story and being a part of it for this important season! I just can’t wait to celebrate with you in June at your Norman Chapel wedding! Until then, I do hope you love these images as much as I loved capturing them! Enjoy some of my favorites (or a lot of them!)

Cue the natural wind machine magic. This could be in a magazine. 

Those stairs. Don’t they kind of look like they could be from France? Maybe? Well it could just be me.

I just love her giggle in this one!Stunning. That is all.

Fun fact: that glow is shining through TWO sets of windows. if that’s not magic, then friend, I don’t know what is!

These spring blossoms made this photographer’s heart so happy!

I can’t decide if this was in Cinci or if we stowed away to the set of Pride & Prejudice. . .

These cherry blossom trees. All the heart eyes.

Gavin is a fire fighter and he had all of his gear stowed in his car. So naturally, we had to let it photobomb just a bit.

“You’re hands are cold.”

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