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You know those people who never fail to bring a smile to your face? Well, Wes and Kate are those kind of people! And I’m sure as you continue to read this and scroll through their engagement pictures below, you’ll agree with me! Their genuine love for each other and for others overflows from everything they do! From the minute Kate emailed me and I heard their story to the FaceTime call that lasted for over an hour, I’ve laughed and smiled so much with these two that my cheeks were sore afterward!

Wes and Kate met in college at the University of Dayton. Kate makes a joke that when she first transferred to UD and was moving out of her dorm that semester, Wes, the RA, came and checked her out of her room. But, her room wasn’t the only thing he was “checking out”! (It’s those little bits of humor that keep you laughing with these two!) After working together and becoming fast friends, it didn’t take long for their relationship to develop into something more! This summer, after five and a half years of dating, Wes decided it was time to propose. While on a trip to San Francisco and the ring in hand, he had hatched the perfect plan. They climbed up some of the hills and headed to an iconic spot where you could see an incredible view of the city, but upon arriving, they realized that it was closed! Kate shook it off and said they could come back another time, but Wes was devastated. And Kate couldn’t figure out why. The next day, they visited the Botanical Gardens and Kate, who loves plants, was zooming between all of the different spots to make sure she saw everything there was to see. Wes was following behind and, again, looking for the next perfect spot to propose. But Kate was moving so fast that by the time she slowed down and he had a chance to get down on his knee, they were in front of the kids area! They were both laughing as they told me this story and I can still remember the playful banter between the both of them! It was so fun to hear and it kept us laughing almost the entire time! That night, after proposing in front of the kids, botanical area, Wes took Kate on a sunset cruise around the bay and they celebrated this first step in their new journey together!

The fun with these two didn’t stop with the first FaceTime call or their proposal story! They’re engagement session was just as much of an adventure! Weather was not on our side. Kate and I had texted back and forth numerous times the week of their session and were hoping the percentage of rain would dissipate so we could go through with their session! After watching the radar like a hawk and seeing the percentage had dropped quite a bit, we decided to be adventurous, grab an umbrella and meet up! Our first spot had a porch, just in case, and we rolled up to a clear(ish) sky and hopeful hearts! Then, about ten minutes later, it started to rain. And rain. And rain. We waited it out on the little front porch of Ghostlight Coffee and I was praying for the Lord to move the rain on out! And he did! We grabbed an umbrella, I taught them the posing system and we took a few shots as the rain faded away!

The rest of the afternoon we explored the historic homes in the Oregon District and then headed over to Hills and Dales for the woodsy part of their session! Every minute was so much fun and it made me incredibly excited to celebrate their wedding day at Polen Farm next fall! Until then, enjoy some of my favorites and just wait! Because I’m sure that at some point, you’ll catch yourself smiling just as much as I do anytime I’m around these two!

That porch at Ghostlight was a LIFE SAVER! It kept us dry and allowed for some cute portraits while we waited for the rain to fade away! I feel like this is something out of a movie! You getting that vide, too? Those brick streets! *insert heart eyes* I feel like we could have been in Charleston, SC in these images! Love the charm!
The ONE fall tree we were able to find! Those colors were gorgeous though! MVP couple right here! Y’all! They searched and picked out the leaves in that ring shot!  Love these!

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