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Brand sessions are planned for all sorts of reasons. Whether that’s a full blown rebrand or adding a new service/team member or curating a full library of custom photos for the first time. In Ashley’s case, her session factored in all of the above.

Ashley is a nutritionist and intuitive eating coach who helps women ditch diet culture and reconnect to their bodies. The cool thing about her business? It’s a hybrid of a traditional approach to nutrition and an online format that allows her to help women from all over. She came to me right in the middle of segmenting her original business into two, Nutrition with Ashley for her online programs and Clearcreek Nutrition and Wellness Co. for her more traditional team of nutritionists at their physical location in Springboro.

The overall goal of her brand session was to build a starter library of images for both businesses to furnish two websites, transitional imagery to represent the rebrands, as well as a whole host of everyday type of imagery to go along with the idea of food freedom as a lifestyle.

I essentially got to immerse myself into two completely different businesses for this brand shoot and do the challenging work of tying them all together to feel like a seamless, yet distinct set of imagery. Our plan resulted in two separate shoots for each business, both of which you’ll see represented below.

The first was in the later summer for Ashley’s team at her Springboro office. We attempted to encompass the teamwork and education side of her business alongside a few photos of Ashley doing her thing in her office. The last fun stop of the shoot landed us in a local farmers market to channel the idea of fresh food selections and the balance that intuitive eating strives for – so not just purchasing fruits/veggies but also bread!

The second session was set for later in the year with the location set to be Ashley’s new home! This one was much more relaxed and we had the chance to dive deeper into the lifestyle that intuitive eating emphasizes, along with a whole host of mindset shifts that accompany the program Ashley walks her clients through. Think throwing away items to represent ditching old, restrictive mindsets. Covering up the number on a scale as a reminder that worth isn’t found in there. Stopping to fiddle with an outfit in the mirror on the way out the door to represent the intrusive thoughts around body image that many clients experience before working with Ashley.

All these concepts were Ashley’s main messages made manifest in visual form so that she could often reiterate them throughout all her channels without seeming redundant. And when the photo does the talking from the start, it makes it much easier to lead into some of the harder topics that Ashley helps her clients walk through throughout their time with her.

Overall, this was a stellar brand shoot that resulted in a whole host of images for my client but also some perspective shifts for me as well. In my normal routine of becoming a student of my client’s brands, I had the chance to learn so much about Ashley’s industry and the work she does for women! It’s life changing in so many ways and if you’re looking for someone to help you along your journey with food – she and her team are top-notch!

One last shoutout to include before the photos, Ashley’s entire wardrobe and set styling for the second shoot were a result of Katherine Bignon’s genius! Having a stylist like Katherine as part of the team for this shoot allowed us to elevate the imagery with ease as well as take the grueling work of compiling a wardrobe and home decor options off of Ashley’s plate! If you’re planning a shoot for your biz anytime soon, a stylist like Katherine is a must!

Team photo of three women nutritionistsOverhead view of women working at a table with laptops and books Headshot of woman nutritionist Detail of hand holding phone wrapped in measuring tape Nutritionist in office talking to client on computer Woman looking through items at a farmers market Woman looking stack of books in front of collage wall Detail of nutritionist explaining a balanced food plan Nutritionist in a client meeting

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