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Fall is in full swing which means lots of new things will be coming to the blog soon! Engagement sessions hold a special place in my heart. They are one of the most important elements that my couples walk through in their experience with me. I always tell them at the beginning of the session that this is the only time we will spend this much time together just the three of us! And it’s bittersweet. But so special at the same time. Kevin and Paige’s engagement session was no different. We met at the campus where they share so many memories from their college years together and we swapped stories as we walked the sidewalks in search of the iconic and the hidden beauty that exudes from Miami University.

These two met one summer when they both found themselves working at Kings Island. Since they worked in the same area of this large park, it didn’t take long for their paths to cross and for interests to be piqued. Earlier this year while on a trip to Colorado, they decided to hike up one of the highest roads to Mount Evans. They arrived to the top a few hours later, breathless and ready to rest. That is the moment when Kevin surprise Paige by getting down on one knee and popping the question! We talked even more about the proposal throughout their engagement session and it was so fun to hear it from both points of view! But I think that Paige’s way of telling the story summarizes it best, “I like to say I climbed a mountain with my best friend and came down with a fiance!”

Kevin & Paige are such caring people.They love each other deeply and you can tell by every interaction that they are each other’s best friend. And they have a bit of a knack for adventure, just think about how he proposed! That adventurous streak showed up a few times throughout their session, especially when I asked them to hop across some rocks to balance on a little island in the creek. Y’all! I LOVE it when couples aren’t afraid of a little exploring! Kevin and Paige rocked it and kept their feet dry, so look out for those creek ones! And I just know that their wedding next fall at Rolling Meadows Ranch will be filled with so much joy and a some more adventure!

The light walls. the architecture. so classic.

They make it look easy! But, they definitely had to be balancing experts to keep from falling in that water!

Gah! Favorite!

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