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The day is here! It’s finally time to reveal the new brand and website I’ve been working on for the past few months! Y’all! I couldn’t be more excited to share this new chapter in my journey with y’all! So, let me officially welcome you to the NEW Rachael Leigh website, brand and blog! I hope you feel right at home in my corner of the internet!

LET’S CELEBRATE! Throw some snow like it’s confetti and check out all the new things! I’m SO EXCITED YOU’RE HERE!

This whole thing started back in October when I decided it was time to take a step forward! I sat down at my computer and began writing down what I actually wanted my business to look like, stand for and what it should proclaim to the world! More than pretty images. More than my brand colors and my logo. At the heart of it all, what should Rachael Leigh Photography really be about. It took me months and a long journey to finally be able to answer this question and I’m working on a blog series that will take y’all through the story, but for now, just know that more things are coming!

I designed this whole thing myself! Should I have asked someone to help out a bit? Probably, but y’all, I’m so picky! Ha ha! Just ask my family! But, I loved being able to design again and create with something other than my camera. Don’t get me wrong, photography is my passion, but sometimes as an artist, doing the same thing over and over again can get a little stale. And you just need to do something else to revive that creative spirit again!

As I spent hours on end designing and curating and all the things, my heart behind it all was to really make it feel more like a home than just another website. When someone stumbles upon it, I hope they leave feeling loved and heard. I hope they see joy written in the words and images gliding across their screen. I took time to look at, not only what my brand looks like on the outside, but the whole experience I give to my sweet clients. And I hope you’ll take the time to look through it all, because there are so many surprises waiting to be discovered! 

I’m beyond grateful that you are here! And to all those who have supported this dream of mine, to you I say, thank you! The words of encouragement, sweet messages and the occasional kick in the pants have helped me to blossom in the photographer and girl I am today! None of this could ever, ever, express how much each of you mean to me! Thank you!

Have you discovered your favorite part of this online home of mine yet? Each corner is unique and I’d love for you to share what you like best or what stands out!

xoxo, Rachael

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