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This has been a hot topic in my inbox among brides-to-be. And I figured since I answer it all the time for them, it’d might be something that you might find helpful too! So, here’s my answer to the age old question (or at least the one in this new age): Do I really need engagement pictures?

I get it, you have a few great cell phone photos from the day you got engaged! OR your fiancé hired a photographer to capture the whole thing the whole event? Or maybe you’re choosing to send out a super simple “save the date” that doesn’t call for any fancy photos!

Well! Friend! You may want to consider an engagement session with your wedding photographer, here’s why!

In my time as a photographer, I have learned that the process of creating AMAZING wedding images doesn’t start when I arrive on a wedding day. It starts WAY before that. I guide my clients through what I call the Wedding Experience. Essentially, I view their time with me as more than a “show up on the wedding day and take some photos” kind of deal! I realized long ago that I’m not the photographer for everyone and that’s OKAY! I get real excited behind the camera and tend to jump and dance a little when we’re creating some real magic! I love light & classic, true-to-life edits! And

1. Learn how your photog works behind the camera – I love to create genuine and joyful images of my couples! And contrary to popular belief, I actually do pose & direct to be able to guarantee these type of images! So! At an engagement session, I’m able to teach you all my entire posing system and show you how to look your best to create some magic that you’ll cherish forever! The term posing system can sound intimidating, I know! But, I’m just teaching ya what to do with your hands, where to put your feed, and what to do with your head! Simple as that!

2. It lets you get some stress-free practice in! – The first fifteen minutes of any type of portrait session are ALWAYS awkward! It’s the first time you’ve hopped in front of my lens & 9/10 you’ve never done this before in your life! An engagement session is our trial run before your wedding day to get everything perfect in a stress-free environment. And when your wedding day finally comes, you will be completely confident and comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll remember how to pose and the stress of portraits will melt away because you’ve already been through it once!

3. Total confidence boost – Practice builds confidence, that saying couldn’t be more true of your portraits! I tend to joke that if I’m your photographer, you not only get my photog skills, but you also earn a genuine cheerleader! Encouragement is something I’m quick to give anytime I’m behind the camera. And your engagement session gives us an hour and a half together! Imagine how confident you’re going to feel walking into portrait time on your wedding day after having that much time to master your modeling skills?

4. Let’s your photog get to know you & what works best with y’all – GENUINE wedding day images, begin with a journey. A big part of that journey is your engagement session. During that session, we get to know each other better. We swap stories, I learn about your family and I can start to piece together what is most important to you. Along with getting to know you two on a personal level, I’m also able to discover which poses y’all shine in! AND learn exactly how to ensure your images reflect the true you!

5. You Get To See Yourself in Professional Images – Not only will you walk away with a gallery full of beautiful images! You also get the added benefit of seeing yourself in professional photos! This will give you a little taste of what your wedding pictures will look and feel like! 

Whatever you choose to do, just have some fun! In the end, engagement photos are always a win-win! They allow you to get to know your photographer better and you walk away with the confidence in knowing you can trust them and that inside you there’s actually quite a bit of modeling skills! Oh! Trust me! They shine through! And knowing all these things help melt away so much stress on your wedding day! 


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