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Dayton Winter Engagement Pictures by Rachael Leigh Photography

Now that the holidays are over and the cold winter has finally set in, it’s time to share some of the gorgeousness that is Nick and Julie! We were so thankful that the weather decided to warm up on the day we had planned for their session! But even if it had been negative degrees, these two would have made it just as much fun! From the absolutely gorgeous light to the countless adventures we found ourselves in, this engagement session quickly found its way at the top of my favorites list! As you read the rest of this post I will let you know, exclamation points will be in abundance and you will feel the love and joy that fills Nick and Julie’s relationship to overflowing.

One of my favorite things about meeting all of my 2018 couples has been getting to know each and everyone of them and realizing just how unique they are! Nick and Julie have to been some of the sweetest people I have ever met! We chatted throughout their entire session about life, their wedding and just about everything! And I can’t tell you how many times I told them “y’all are just the cutest!” or “that was absolutely perfect!”.. Honestly they were probably tired of my gushing at the end of the night! Ha Ha! Every single gorgeous image just naturally exudes the endearing love that they have for each other, especially the ones when Nick would steal little kisses. Just the cutest!

I could go on and on about this couple and their engagement session all day long! I’ll let you go ahead and see all of the gorgeousness that made up that night and you will see just why I love these two! And don’t miss the result of our fifteen seconds of bravery at the end, it’s pure magic!

Yep! We totally got honked at while doing this, but it’s totally worth it!


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