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Do you know how fun it is to write an email and address it to a gal who has the same name as you? And who spells it the same way! Well, I didn’t know the joy it until Rachael and I began emailing about their cute vintage wedding coming up in January! I remember seeing her name pop up in my inbox and getting over the moon excited! See, Rachael and I have known each other for a little while now!

Okay . . . well known as in we went to the same church camp and have so many mutual friends! I think we may have met freshman year of high school! But all the years run together, so I really don’t know exactly! Do you ever get better acquainted with an acquaintance and wish you had been friends the entire time you’ve known them? Yeah? Me, too! At least that’s how I feel about Rachael! She and Luke are the sweetest and most genuine people! I’m so thankful to get to know them both better AND to celebrate their marriage!

These two have the coolest style! When they got out of their car in Hyde Park at the beginning of their session, I couldn’t help but compliment them over and over! Not only did they nail that vintage vibe, but it paired so well with the killer doors and architecture we found in the shops around Hyde Park!

I loved how they embraced the spirit of it all and there was no shortage of laughter as we would occasionally wait awkwardly for runners to pass us by in between poses! Oh! Can’t forget that we pretty much kept a running count of how many pairs of AirPods we spotted! I couldn’t crack too many stereotypical AirPod jokes though because I had just succumbed to the hype and bought myself a pair of Pros! (the noise cancellation on them works wonders for my work from home life!) All of that was my favorite part though! Getting to laugh, joke and get to know these two reminded me of why I love engagement sessions with my couples! It helps us push past all that awkwardness so that when their wedding day roles around, we can greet each other more like old friends than someone they’ve only know through emails or Instagram!

I’m beyond excited to celebrate with these two in January at The Turn Vintage! (i mean if that wasn’t already obvious!) They’re engagement session was in the chilly weather and it really was just preparing us for the all the outdoor portraits we’ll take in Covington in the dead of winter! I have a feeling though, that these two will brave that weather just as well as they did in May! And I’ll just be there to document it all for them to have for years to come!

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