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I truly believe that I could write a book about last year and all the amazing couples I had the honor of serving! And even though it’s April and you may be thinking, “Rachael, shouldn’t you have posted in this in like January?” well.. you’re probably right! I should have! I just have so many favorites from last wedding season that it took me forever to narrow down an acceptable amount to share! I figured y’all wouldn’t want to be scrolling for two hours and I also didn’t want my website to crash from the volume of images in this post! So, I finally wrangled in my tendency to overshare and now you get to see the best of the best from the 2018 wedding season!

Going through all of these reminded me of how blessed I am! Who else gets to work with wonderful clients and be with them on one of the best days of their lives? Seriously! And even more than that, I’m so honored that each of my couples give me the chance to be apart of this season and their wedding day. This last year was definitely my favorite so far in business! It was actually my first full wedding season! I’d worked on countless weddings before, had a few where I was the main photographer, but being able to fill my calendar full of weddings where I wasn’t the second photographer made me so happy! I loved building friendships with each of my clients, photographing their engagement sessions and then getting to spend 8+ hours documenting the day they became husband and wife!

I could go on and on with stories to go with each of these images! And that would definitely keep you here all night! So, I’m going to end this post with a few notes and then I’ll let you get to my TOP favorites from 2018! (cause you know I have at least two hundred more!)

  1. To the 2018 Rachael Leigh Brides: Y’all are some of the sweetest and greatest women I’ve ever known! TTHANK YOU for allowing me to be apart of this exciting season with you! I couldn’t have asked for better brides to serve in 2018 and for better friends going into 2019! I love you all and cherish each and every one of you! (Oh & you too, Rachael Leigh Grooms!)
  2. To Md, the best brother & second photographer: Thank you for being the best adventure buddy, driver & veil fluffer a sister could ask for! Thank you for putting up with me during each and every wedding day we photographed in 2018! It takes some grace and I appreciate you for that! Thank you for being willing to serve my couples with all that you had and I can’t wait to do it again with you in 2019!




And even though these aren’t the photos that will make my portfolio or have the best light or anything, but I think that they’re my favorite from every wedding I photographed last year! I’m truly so thankful for all of my couples and wish that I could have had a photo with each of them! I’ll treasure these forever!

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