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There are some people who you can tell within a second of meeting them that you will be friends. Christine was one of those people for me! After receiving her email inquiring about her wedding day, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was one of “my people”! She just exudes joy no matter where she goes or what is going on in the situation! And above all, she is so excited not only for her wedding, but for her marriage!

Robert and Christine met me at Triple Moon before we became “officially official” and if I hadn’t have had a wedding to photograph later that day, I think we could have stayed for a whole lot longer! They told me their story from start to finish and even though Christine had already given me so many details (a full pdf full!), it was so special! I love it when my couples tell their story and they have the opportunity to finish one another’s sentences and fill in all the gaps! I also just love the opportunity to get to know them without the stress or hustle and bustle of everyday! You don’t often get to sit down with someone you just met and walk away feeling like you’ve always been friends! And I’m so honored to be able to create that atmosphere with my couples!

Robert and Christine met when they were both in college! And I would describe it as a God thing! Christine applied to go to Belmont University in Tennessee, but it just wasn’t the right timing for her yer. So she spent the next twelve months in Ohio finishing up all she could before officially moving to Nashville. It was in that twelve months though that she met Robert. They had a class together and after multiple attempts at conversation, it took one afternoon and a seven hour chat in the parking lot to really get things started! A long deployment for Robert and a move to Nashville for Christine has introduced long distance into their relationship, but after four years together, Robert proposed while they were walking through the woods in the spring!

I simply cannot wait to celebrate with these two in Washington Courthouse in May! There are so many elements of their wedding that Christine has shared with me and I just know it will be beautiful! Enjoy scrolling through a few (okay a lot!) of their engagement pictures from their session at Carriage Hill Metropark! Their adventurous spirit and willingness to go hopping through a field of long grass for me totally paid off!

We may have had some wind, but Christine totally rocked it like a model! That black and white!  Oh! I love this one! Goodness! I love this one! And you’d never know that there is a group of fishermen just out of frame on the left! A couple in love and snuggling, forehead to forehead, during engagement pictures at Carriage Hill Metropark in Dayton Ohio. Typically the smiling and laughing ones are my favorite, but this model shot is really making it’s way up the list!
Engaged couple kissing in historic, Carriage Hill Metropark in Dayton, Ohio close to a fence in the wintertime.

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