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A Blueprint for More Original Content → Swipe these 4 Formulas My legs had fallen asleep. I was miles down a research rabbit hole and at least 1.5hrs over the timer I’d set for the “generate content ideas” task on my to-do list. [When it comes to research, I can get a bit carried away.] […]

As a brand photographer, I get to work with all types of businesses. And one of my favorite local Dayton, Ohio businesses to create for is AGM Designs – going all the way back to circa 2018! Over the years, both our businesses have grown and it’s been so cool to have her come back year after […]

I’m Lisa Kathan and I’m a photographer. I started out with tiny weddings and elopements here in the Chicago area where I live. And I’m still doing that. And I actually also just recently launched brand photography for coaches and creatives. How were you feeling about your brand BEFORE TBP? Discouraged, lost — I had […]

Amber, tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you do. My name is Amber Weghorn and I’m the team lead of The Weghorn Group. It’s a small, real estate team in Cincinnati, Ohio. We primarily deal with residential real estate as well as buying and selling investment properties. How were you feeling […]

Brand is the input, marketing is the output. Marketing doesn’t have to be made up of all the things that you loathe. The best marketing is the merging point of your strengths and your audience’s preferences.

Alternate title: I am multi-passionate, just not necessarily in my business. I started this business so that I can live a multi-passionate life – investing my time in the places that matter most. In a mastermind program with Shanna Skidmore last year, she deposited a bit of insight [more like a shining beam of light […]

Brand photographer taking photos for a copywriter

What Is Brand Photography? If we’re rollin’ with the default answer I dish out to the average coffee-shop goer who asks what I do, I’d start with – brand photography could be described as a small business’s take on traditional, commercial photography. Now that the small business realm has officially taken up long-term residence in […]

Sometimes I still have a “pinch me” moment when I look back on this shoot. The day that Rachael’s inquiry rolled into my inbox, I was so stoked. She’s a retired pro athlete and Olympic bronze medalist turned mentor for young athletes looking to blaze a path similar to the one she’s walked. Talk about […]

Kathy and I became instant friends in a mastermind group at the beginning of last year and ever since then, I had the vision for this shoot brewing in my mind. She’s a stellar copywriter and has poured her heart and genius into a brand that creates a place where clients can come, slow down, […]

“We do the same thing for people, just with different vehicles to make it happen.” – What an opening line. Katie made that statement mid conversation during our pre-shoot planning call. It’s one of those that makes you go wait wait wait, say that again, I gotta write that down. Lines like that have the […]


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