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It’s no secret that I’ve been awaiting this wedding since their engagement session at Caesar Creek in the fall! You should remember Sam from her incredible attention to detail that resulted in a classic truck and a canoe being included in their photos! Since she set the bar so high with their engagement session, I simply couldn’t wait to see how she used her talent to make her wedding unique! And let me tell ya, this gal didn’t disappoint! From the antique china place settings to her grandmother’s watch that adorned her arm, Sam thought of each tiny little thing and used them to tell the grand story of the wedding you’ll see here in all these images!

I can’t stop with my raves there though. These two are so special together! You can see the way that they love each other in the glances they’d steal throughout the day and they way they’d let their gaze linger. You could hear it in the hand written vows they read to one another during their first look and in how Guy mentioned that he couldn’t follow up what Sam had written to him, even though he’s typically described as the better writer! You could see it in Guy’s romantic, intentional spirit that was remarked about by so many. And most of all, you could see it on the faces of their family and friends as they celebrated the union of these two that has been six years in the waiting!

Guy and Sam’s wedding took place at her dad’s home in Monroe, Ohio and I could continue to point out every little thing that made it special! Honestly, since I became a wedding photographer, I’ve gotten really good at writing blog posts that look and sound a whole lot more like novels! But, I strongly believe that you’ll get the best representation of their day and their story as you scroll through the images waiting for you below! Take in all the little things that Sam put so much time into and just watch as each emotion and moment comes alive. Trust me, you’ll get what I mean here in a minute! Enjoy!

And for Sam and Guy, thank you a 1000x over! It was such a joy to be with y’all and celebrate you on your wedding day! I’m honored! Congratulations, again! And enjoy your time away in Mexico!! You deserve it! xoxo

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